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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Finding the Right Balance

Getting ready for the day can be daunting.  Not because it is daunting (I mean, it’s not as if we have to sleep standing up with one eye open scanning for hungry lions!), but because the world imposes so many constraints and there are so many ways to be free that we have to think hard about how far we dare go balancing full expression with necessary conformity.
Suppose for a minute, you’re an earring.  (Work with me, people!)  You want to dangle, you want to jiggle, you want to waggle.  But some people want you to BEHAVE!  You need a WIRE that does it all!   We all want to find the right wire, right?  A wire that will take us places, hold us tight and never let us go, yet is flexible and allows us to be who we are.  We want a wire that is the right measure between industrial and romantic, glam on the dance floor and proper at the office, not too long, not too soft, not too slack, not too… Wait, what are we talking about again?  Oh yes, earring wires. 
Now, since we are artistry in jewels and/or semi-precious metal, we shouldn’t settle for the wrong wire!  It’s not too much to expect, even demand, handsome and hypoallergenic!  And if you find one that compliments YOU perfectly? Jackpot.
Urban Bird's Nest Earrings

Monday, July 4, 2011

Independence Day

This may be most terrifying thing I will ever do:  thinking about forsaking employment and going out on my own.  Here we are, celebrating our national hotdog, I mean holiday, Independence Day and honestly, my own independence is inspiring this roller coaster between paralysis and pure elation.
And you know that teetering point between the crest and the immanent drop—that seemingly interminable moment of unadulterated dread.  I think about all of the money going out and nothing coming in and wonder, will I actually have an aptitude for metal work, will Gina & I be able to get along, spending so much time together... and then, what if all of that goes fine and nobody likes/wants/buys/collects/hoards my work?  So yes, there are some OMG!-am-I-doing-even-remotely-the-right-thing? moments.  Meltdowns, we call them around here.
So the challenge at the moment—one of the challenges—is finding humor in all of this and staying positive.  While I curse the fact that I haven’t yet quite altogether fully forsaken employment!

Anyway, look at the mess we made!

All of that for this?