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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Ringing in the Holidays!

A few weeks ago, I had a talk with myself….
Me:      “Self, it’s time you set your fear of rings aside and get with the program.”
Myself: “What program?”
Me:      “The ring business, what else?”
Myself: “Huh?”

You can see there was a bit of resistance.  This meant, along with many other things, that I was going to need to improve my sawing-a-straight-line skill.  Rarely (ever?) have I been that girl who blindly follows that “straight & narrow” path.  Not that I’m inherently a risk taker by any means, I just like to meander some and then make up my own mind.  But the argument from me was irresistible!  So, okay, rings it will be. The Meltdown, as they say, will DIVERSIFY.

Really, I have probably been working up to this my whole life.  I wear rings, several of them: stacked, mismatched, matched, single, plain, special, you name it.  I have had at least one ring on my hands since I was old enough to get a prize—a fancy-schmancy genuine faux precious metal ring—from the Dentist for being a good patient.  Now, “good” here means frequent, so I acquired quite a few of these glamorous accoutrements!

So today, I am  cutting, filing, soldering, pounding, stretching, pounding, annealing, sanding, pulling, swearing, pounding—not necessarily in that order—so that you can be adorned too!  The only difference is that your ring is made by me from my favorite non-faux metals—silver and copper—and you don’t need Novocain to secure the goods!

Stay with me, come by the Etsy shop in the next few weeks because there will be new rings stocking the shelves.  If you’re a local, please come by the Holiday Pop Shop market over the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend, and/or my friend Barry Perez’s Holiday Show in Elgin, Texas on the afternoon of Saturday, December 1st.  Check out the postcards on this page for details.

Even if I don’t see or hear from you, have a safe and thankful Thanksgiving!