reticulated earrings

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

OMG!, how many months has it been? Nice to see you, sister!

Geez, I just logged in here to update some calender type things and noticed that I have written nary a word since SEPTEMBER! Unforgivable, what am I thinking?
The Meltdown has been humming along and I have been busy and humming along with it. I have been to several outdoor art shows, one or two indoor shows, a cool class in making multi-use pieces that are cool looking and I have had a nap or two since I last wrote something. 

When I wasn't doing a show, taking a class or napping, this is what I have been up to:
Giggle sterling silver & copper ring

ZigZag Heart Sterling earrings

Chinese Writing Rock Sterling ring

Royston Turquoise Sterling & Copper ring
Avebury with Kynite droplets
Bursting with Excitement Sterling necklace
I'll be busy again in about 15 minutes, when I head back out to the studio. There are several more outdoor shows planned, one or two of them will be out of town and at least one will be indoors.

Looks like I won't be napping for awhile!