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Saturday, June 14, 2014


A few weeks ago, a friend called me about my Inner Strength cuffs.  My friend had a friend who was facing some hard Life stuff and she wanted to establish a tangible connection between the two of them with these cuffs. One for her and one for her friend, a solidarity thing. On good days, the bracelet would be there as a reminder of her inner strength and power; on hard days it would link to the support and energy of her friend. A power line.
Inner Strength Cuffs En Masse

I was touched by this action at the time but frankly it has taken me weeks to realize that I have done similar things in my life. I'm sure we all have. I have definitely used jewelry to connect with other people, to reinforce my own strength when I needed it, or to feel feelings felt long ago, as when someone dear passed a precious piece of jewelry on to me.

A few of my NAME pins

I was the Madeline Albright of my office, and most people had NO idea. I grouped pins, sometimes lots of pins, new ones, vintage ones, gifted, ornate, bizarre, whatever worked in that moment to send covert messages of strength or irony to both the world and myself.  Without even realizing it, I've amassed quite a collection of vintage name pins, pins that carry the names of strong women I have known. If I had a meeting that I was nervous about, I would group several of those pins on my blouse or jacket, and feel empowered by the strength of those women before me. It may seem silly, but, whatever it takes sister!

Society thinks of jewelry as an accessory, an adornment, something “pretty" and frivolous. Sound familiar? It should because thats the way women have been thought of. What about Wonder Woman and those giant wrist cuffs of hers?  Her POWER jewelry!  We tend to forget that metal and stones are energy conductors. I see jewelry as both: your personal power conductor and an adornment to your life. Go ahead, use whatever you can find to embolden yourself, be who you want to be, express yourself. You may only get one life, make the most of it!

Warrior Shield Copper & Sterling necklace
YinYang World Sterling & Copper necklace
Warrior Shield represents this idea of power conductivity. Copper delivers electricity. Power! And let's face it, we all need the protection of a good solid shield from time to time, especially if you're brazen enough to stand up for justice and freedom (speaking of Wonder Woman here, of course).

YinYang World speaks for itself: different sides brought together and held together by the power of a copper thread. Connections bring us together and make us stronger.  That's not a bad message to send to the world.