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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Productive ?

Productive ^%$(^(*&*&%&()*)(??#@$@!!@$&(?

What the hell does it mean anyway? Does it mean that you got something done or that you did something? I can't figure it out. So here it is, the end of the weekend, let's recap:
  • had a panic attack requiring a 10 minute cold shower after reading new city wide water conservation requirements
  • Gina put the new sink in the studio, just in time to save water
  • sorted through teeny, tiny watch components
  • thought about: necklace, earrings, mopping the floor 
  • bought a window shade & a jigsaw - implusively
  • took naps both days
  • began blog
  • upon finding no more clean underwear, risked prison & did laundry
  • walked the dog
  • hummingbird pin...........................OOO, we did complete a pin
  • did i shower?
ok, moderately productive weekend....


  1. I'm soooooo happy to hear from you! And this post is just too funny. Also, very anxious to see what you're up to out in the studio. Jewelry perhaps? I think about you a lot, and especially a couple of weeks ago when I went to Spring Creek flea market/tea room. Remember when we went there and you found all that great stuff? That cute little hat! I'll link you up to my blog soon. Hope you Etsy shop is very successful. I'll write you a longer message on email. xox dulcy

  2. Ooooooooh. This is gonna be GOOD. ;)
    Cheers to you two- let the journey begin!!