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Monday, September 10, 2012

Last Week's Harvest

Renewal earrings

Two weeks ago, I tortured myself, as I do every year.  I spent a whole day at a relentlessly tedious seminar to renew my certification for a job I hope I never have to do again.  For a day I pretended to listen to speakers who warned of various civic dangers, like failing to pick up dog poop (apparently, unpleasant odors!) and restaurants serving ill-gotten oysters (did you know oysters could be procured by shooting them with a 22?).  Anyway, it promised to be a wasted day, but, in the words of my practical dad, “you should always have something to fall back on, in case this foolishness does not work out.”  So I went.

Domino Effect earrings
Now you know what these things are like:  all-you-can-eat Sam’s Club banana nut muffins, the desperate run on giant percolators of god-awful coffee, the lunch buffet (oh joy…taquitos and a side of raw broccoli with ranch dressing), the butt numbness, the afternoon head-bobbing, the dreadful networking, and of course, hours of mindless doodling disguised as note-taking.

Fortunately, the hours of mindless doodling paid off.

The culmination of the week came Saturday night at a party when the realization that I goofed when I set up the Facebook page struck terror in me.  What was I thinking?  I set up my BUSINESS as a PERSON!  EVERYONE knows a BUSINESS is NOT a PERSON!!  Sheesh!!  Anyway, trying to correct such a mistake after the fact is not the breeze you might think.  A flurry of postings ensued asking people to forgive my  ineptness, to “LIKE” my new page, and send money to my new Super Pac. 

Diversion earrings

Today begins a new week in the Meltdown studio and I am anticipating a good one. 

Ecliptic II earrings
Ecliptic III earrings

   Thanks for staying tuned.



  1. You mean that wasn't a super secret Maggie friends only fan club?!!

    Awesome use of your mind numbing professional certification seminar. Sketching masquerading as note taking can be quite the brain saver :)

  2. Indeed. and yes, it was a super secret Maggie friends only club!...It still exists in the minds of the super secret friends of Maggie!I'll let you know, secretly when the convention is....mum's the word.
    Seriously, thanks for all of your support Barb, words are not sufficient for my gratitude.

  3. Love the little moon designs...My new favorite thing to do is sit at my laptop on Friday nights and look at all your creations trying to figure out what to buy next. I wanted to tell this lady today who commented on my necklace that you were my "personal jeweler." ha ha..

    Then I went on to say that actually the artist was my ex step-mother whom I adore...She had no idea what to do with that.. Priceless. Will definitely have to buy more just to keep telling that story.

    1. I am delighted that you are happy with your necklace and even happier with your response to the inquiring lady!

  4. Gosh....I'm LOVING your jewelry Chris! No more butt numbing meetings for you!! Great job.... hope your loving your new creative retired life.


    1. Thanks Dulcy. I echo your sentiments on the butt numbing meetings! And for the record, yup, I am really loving this new life!