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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Next Stop, One Green STREET!

Thanks to my dear friend from my old neighborhood, Rose, my work is now available at One Green STREET, on the SE corner of White Oak and Cortlandt, here in the Heights!
One Green STREET

This shop is so cool and I am so honored to be a part of it.  Sherry Eichberger started the shop from a vision of eco-friendly products in a neighborhood-friendly space.  Some of you might remember Margarete Sanchez’ Artful Corner—that’s the space, now a LEED certified building divided into quadrants, each devoted to a different part of the whole body.  They have a variety of organic and natural products to enhance life.  These rooms house home goods, makeup & beauty products, locally mixed and marketed tea from the Path of Tea, clothing, handbags, and of course, handmade jewelry.  And they are a community-minded bunch too, with a Friday afternoon (4-6pm) Front Porch “wind-down-from-the-week” party, a book group, a Friday food truck and several green-living related talks a month.

Everyone, let’s support this excellent concept and the good people who have brought it to our neighborhood!  Oh, and pick up some jewelry from Maggie’s Meltdown while you’re there!

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